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Welcome back...

In 2009 the original idea behind ready2fly was to give everyone the opportunity to build and fly a model airplane within a short time. It should be sturdy, have good flight characteristics, shouldn’t cost to much and easy to repair.

We want to revive ready2fly ... how exactly, we want to find out in the coming months.
As a first step, we will put together videos, pictures and reports from "old" times.
We will inform you where you can currently get our airplanes and spare parts
In addition, we present new flight models and useful accessories.
Interaction with you is very important to us!
What are you flying today? What are your favorite models? What are your experiences? How did you improve the models?

A bit of history

What started in a garage in 2009 quickly grew into a large community and led to many friendships. In close contact with manufacturers in China (Freewing, FMS, Lanxiang, Dynam and many more) we have improved models and even developed our own models (de Havilland DH-112 Venom, YAK-130). Many of you visited us in our phisical shop in Winterthur or our online shops and The personal contact was always the best thing about our job!

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